Hi, I’m Dextrose!

I’m Sophie Zuckerman, or Dextrose
I make book covers and illustration, postcards, prints for authors, character portraits and all sorts of art!

Here are some of the examples! For nsfw art folder, email me or contact any other way, and I’ll give you a personal link.


Price list below is just general price for a piece
Payment is comprised from characters, background, commercial rights and all that stuff, it can also be changed to your needs!
You can pay in parts, price is negotiable
Payment can be done through boosty or through PayPal

Currently taking commissions with discounts! Check my instagram for that ♥️

Price list

Type of workNotePrice
Portrait w full renderTo shoulder100 USD
One character illustrationFull height200 USD
Two char illustrationInteracting w each other400 USD
Simple backgroundAbstract or bedding50 USD
Complex backgroundObjects, interior, detailed100 USD
Super complex bgArchitecture150 USD
Paperback backgroundFull wrap to your dimensions150 USD
Extra for booksPrice
Commercial rights+100%
Series contract (2 and more, if payed together)-15%
NSFW artwork+100%
Bookmark50 USD
Sticker from scratch75 USD
Typography50 USD

Commission process

Hi! If you wanna commission me, here’s what we need
I need your characters for order, best - pictures, better - inspro, good - description
it’s good if you have a general idea for what you want, but we can brainstorm it together, as I’m super open for something new
let me know about any deadline you have in mind, but you also can remind me of a commission anytime and ask for WIP
pinterest board or collage or anything you have in mind will be useful
After that I start sketching roughly for you to get the idea I have, you can pay and I start full illustration! From texting me to sketch is usually couple of days, after that if depends on your deadline and my workload.
At this point you can make major changes, pose and everything, as it is still not too far gone, but I won’t change sketch completely more than 3 times. Every next change is extra 5 bucks :(
When I start colour and render you can make tiny changes, but “oh I have this new pose I wanna so let’s change everything even if you already sent me the render” is gonna add to the final price
I usually update on all changes and points, so you have a lot of opportunities to discuss any details as I’m open for it. Big changes can take some more time or extra tip, as it’s harder for me to fit, but I’m usually open for everything.
sketch In 1-2 days
cleaner sketch in 1-2 days
color starters
render and all is kinda unlimited
You can ask me about anything! I’m open for your ideas and corrections and i won’t bite

Thanking everyone who helped me and my lovely cat Kabachok to fight FIP! He’s healthy and active boy again now! We couldn’t do it without your support ♥️

Kabachok my dear boy